Recruitment Approach

A prospective employer can choose a company from the official roster of Philippines licensed recruitment agencies and manning agencies to act as his agent.

The list is available at nearest Overseas Labor Office, Philippine Embassy/Consulate in your country or, write directly to POEA for direct referrals to these agencies. Once an employer is able to identify a Philippine agency, the employers documents or credentials are submitted to the Philippines Embassy or to the POEA Accreditation Branch for authentication and accreditation. This process ascertains the existence of the company or Project and manPower recruitments. Only one agent should represent an employer. A principle in the shipping industry, however, is allowed a maximum of three manning agents.

For accreditation purposes, the employer submits to us the following documents:

  1. Private Employee Agencies

    1. Special Power of Attorney/Service/Recruitment Agreemnt
    2. Standar Employment Contract
    3. Visa/Entry Requirements
    4. Manpower Requirements
  2. Manning Agencies

    1. Authenticated Manning Agreement and special power of attorney
    2. Vessel and its particulars
    3. Crew complement proposed salary scale

Once approved, an accreditation certificate is issued to the local agent authorizing him to advertise, recruit and deploy Filipino workers on behalf of his accredited foreign employment principle. In certain countries, authentication and verification of documents are needed for the accreditation of a foreign employer/principle of Project. Verification of documents is done at the jobSite by the Philippine Labor Attache or by the appropriate official of the Philippine Embassy or Authorized Philippine Foreign representative in the absence of a Philippine mission.

  1. Government to Government Hiring

    The POEA maintains a placement facility for the manPower needs of foreign government entities. Foreign government principals wanting to avail of such facility shall sign a recruitment agreement with POEA for the exclusive hiring of Filipino workers. The employer shall then provide the following documents/information to POEA Government Placement Branch to Operationalize recruitment.

    1. A recruitment order starting, among others, the number of occupational skills of workers needed prescribed qualification standards, compensation and benefit schedules;
    2. A Model Employment Contract which is mutually accepted to both countries;
    3. Testing procedures, medical requirements and company background, to include names and addresses of subsidiary entities/instrumentality’s under the jurisdiction where the workers will be assigned; and
    4. Visa assurance or visa certificates/work permits where applicable upon selection of workers.
  2. Name Hiring

    Individuals who are able to secure overseas employment on their own are also processed through the POEA government branch (GPB). An employer can have them processed through the GPB or through a licensed agency but up to a maximum of five (5) workers only.

    Employer Expense Items:

    1. Processing/administrative fee (which covers the cost of processing and evaluation of employment document, pre-departure orientation briefing for workers
    2. Overseas employment certificate
    3. Welfare contribution for the hired worker
    4. Visa fee
    5. Airfare
  3. Contract Requirement

    Minimum Contract Requirement in compliance with the previsions of the Philippine labor code are as Follows:

    1. Wages for regular working hours and over time pay in accordance with DOLE POEA standards
    2. Free transportation from point of hire to Site of employment and return
    3. Free and adequate board and lodging facilities or compensatory food allowance at prevailing cost of living standards at the jobSite
    4. Free emergency medical and dental treatment and facilities
    5. Just causes for the termination of contract the service of the worker
    6. Workmen’s compensation benefits and war hazard Protection (where applicable
    7. Repatriation of workers remain and properties in case of death to the point of hire, or if this is not possible under the circumstances, the proper disposition thereof, upon prior arrangement with the workers next of kin and the nearest Philippine Embassy/Consulate
    8. Assistance of remittance of worker’s salaries, allowance or allotments to his beneficiaries.
  4. Overseas Employment Certificate

    An Overseas Employment Certificate (OEC) is issued by POEA to all duly processed workers. This is presented to the airlines before a ticket can be issued for purposes of exemption from travel tax, the Labor Assistance Center (LAC) and the bureau of immigration and deportation (BID) at the airport for clearance prior to departure.

    The POEA and its Regional Extension Units, DOLE Regional Office and the Office of the Labor Attache at the Philippine Embassy/Consulate issue the OEC in the host country.

  5. The Client Referral Assistance

    The marketing Branch of the POEA can assist a foreign employer to locate agent through its CRA system. Under this system, the POEA endorses the employer’s manPower requirements to reputable agencies that in turn submit proposals to the employer. The chosen local agent shall handle all recruitment activities, including advertisements on behalf of the employer.