With WiseRecruit Corp. you simply get result because we look forward with confidence to the future.

We welcome you to be a apart of us. We work not only to produce but also give value to time. Any successful organization has its clientele as its focus, because their satisfaction is affordable and profitable, simply because a satisfied client becomes your salesman forever. Thats why at Nawras clients are not treated as clients only but "As Partners".

Quality in the service or product is not what we puts into it. it is what the client gets out of it.

We serves the needs of both Employer and Employee. To give a real service we at Nawras Manpower Service, Inc. add something, which cannot be bought or measured with money, and that is Sincerity and integrity.

All Company's

Al Jazera Hospital
Aldrees Petroleum Transport Services Co.
Al Khaldi Holdings Company
Al Faisal Medical Center
Aldrees Petroleum Transport Servs. Co.
Al Hajdyah Trading
Al Akaria Company
Abaja Contracting Company
Al Rashid Abetong Cont. Co. Ltd.
Abdullah N. Almousa Establishment
Aldrees Petroleum & Transport Services Co.
Arrab Contracting Company
Al Majed Company
Abaja Contracting Company
AI Rashid Abetong Company Limited
AI Jabreen Contracting Company
Awad Binzafrah Group
AI Hayat Medical Center
AL Qaryan Group of Company
Al Rashid Abetong Company Limited
Abu Sarhad Transport Company
Armed Forces Hospital
Albayan Company
Arabian Machinery & Heavy Equipment Co.
Al-Thara Taiba Company
Awad Binzafrah Holding
Al Rashid Abetong Company Ltd.
Arabian Machinery and Heavy Equip. Co.
Al Raji International
Awad Binzafrah Holding
Al Wakeel Company Limited
Abaja Contracting Company
Al Khaldi Holding Company
Al Hajdyah Company
Al Raja Advance Contracting Establishment
Abu Sarhad Transport
Air Liquide Alkhafrah Industrial Gases
Bin Quraya Establishment
Binquraya Contracting Establishment
Dr. Bassam Medical Center
Dr. Hani Ragaban Polyclinic
Dr. Rani Ragaban Polyclinic
Engineering Technical Services
Erdevel Europa - Prospective Employer
Engineering Technical Services (ETS)
Family Care Hospital
Fahad Al Towergi Eng'g. Consultancy Office
Fiafer Contracting Company
HEC Group - Alhussan Eng'g, Consultant
Hadi Al Hamroor
Ideal Precast Factory
King Khalid Military City
King Fahd Military Medical Complex
King Abdulaziz Hospital
Khalaf Al Rowaidan Company
Leha for Trading Agriculture
Local Employment
Leha For Trading Agriculture Company
Labour for Aluminum Factory
Lip Bell Salon
Mastoura Contracting Company Limited
MODA - Royale Saudi Air Defense Force
MODA - Royal Saudi Air Defense Force
MODA Operations and Maintenance
MODA General Directorate of Military Works
Mohamed Abuadas Establishment
Mastoura Contracting Company
Ministry of Defense and Aviation
Ministry of Defense and Aviation OMD / MSD
MODA King Abdulaziz Military City
Mohammad Al Habib Real Estate Company
MODA King Abdulaziz Military City
MODA Royal Saudi Naval Forces
Mastoura Contracting Company Limited
Ministry of Defense and Aviation
Mahmoud Gharib Architectural Engineering
Mastoura for Trading and Cont. Company
Mahmoud Gharib Company
MODA King Khalid Military City
MODA Al Kharj Branch
MODA Jeddah Branch
Ministry of Qatar
Metro Works KK
MODA - Armed Forces Hospital
My Mirror For Female Photography
MODA - King Khalid Military City
Ministry of Defense and Aviation (M.O.D.A.)
National Refrigerators Company
Nassir Hazza Company Limited
Qaser Latheth Al Hwaitan Bread and Sweets
Rio Contracting Company Limited
Remal Alsawahel Cont. Maintenance Co.
Remal Al Sawahel Cont. & Maint. Co. Ltd.
Saudi Arabia Public Transport Company
Sami Telal Al Anaizy for Car Maintenance
Sajer Medical Center
Saudi Dev't. & Construction Co.
Saudi Arabia Public Transport Company
Saudi Readymix Concrete Company Limited
Shibh Al Jazira Cont. Co. Ltd.
Saudi Dev't. and Const. Company
Saudi Readymix Concrete Company
Saudi Readymix Concrete Co. Ltd.
SAPTCO - Prospective Employer
Saudi Alterais Company
SAPTCO - Prospective Employer
Smart Baby Nursery - Prospective Employer
Shibh Al Jazira Contracting Co. Ltd.
Saudi Dev't. & Const. Co. (SDCC) - P.E.
Salman Company
Shibh Al Jazira Contracting Company
Thani Buti Hospital
Techno Sign Event Technology
Texas Eng'g. Trading & Cont. W.L.L. - P.E.
Tokyo Restaurant
Valencia Decor - Prospective Employer
VIP Health Club - Prospective Employer
Zohoor Al Ref Company