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Wiserecruit Corp, is a recruitment agency based in Manila Philippines offering executive, local and international recruitment services.

Since 2016 under new Management, WISERECRUIT Corp. has been committed to maintaining an irrefutable reputation,

Wiserecruit Corp. specializes in supplying skilled and reliable workforce to all industry sectors and caters for all skill levels. Our marketplace expertise coupled with our network of branches throughout the Philippines gives you access to the best candidates, in the shortest possible time. Our experienced processors understand the Philippine workforce and understand the intricate and difficult task of navigating through the recruitment process

We pride ourselves in combining our recruitment expertise with today's latest technologies. We have implemented the latest servers and networks to serve you better. Our state of the art Web Portal gives you instantaneous, real-time access to all your recruitment needs, allowing you to post a new job order, monitor existing ones, review your applicants, see their documents, and monitor the status and progress of each job order and applicant. No matter where you are, no matter what time of the day. We have partnered with some of the most exciting companies in the Middle East, such as Saudi Binladin Group, Saudi Oger, Alarrab, Shibh Al-Jazira, Sumama Co., Nesma, & The Department of Defense, to name a few.

As an Applicant, not only we offer you the best jobs in today’s market, but also the most practical career advice from the most experienced consultants. If you are a professional or skilled individual, chances are, we have the right opportunity to suit your skills and experience.

We Provide Workforce for the Following Fields

Pharmaceutical Industry

Pharmaceutical/ Medical jobs offer abundant opportunities for growth in the industry. It is one of the most sought after jobs. With the increase in the percentage of the old age population and further increase in the use of medicines, there is a great demand for pharmacists. With the high demand in pharmaceutical jobs, many career options are created in the industry. As per a study, in the coming decade, there will be opening of jobs for Philippines pharmacists in the International Market as there is a dearth of professionally qualified pharmacists .

Employment for Education Industry

Demand of Teachers all over world. With the short of supply of teachers in developed countries like: UK and US, there is a need gap which must be filled. There has been a steep rise in the demand of teachers for subjects like: Mathematics and science.

As per a study, job openings for teaching jobs have been projected as 15,00,000 to 25,00,000 in the elementary and secondary schools. Also, there are job opportunities in specialized areas like: mathematics, science, bilingual education, and English as a second language.

Computer Professionals

As per a study, it is projected that there will be a steep rise in the demand of computer professionals and will reach a figure of one million. With the technological break through, the demand for computer professionals will further increase and create a need gap for the recruiters all over the world. There are many career options in the industry like Employment of Computer systems analysts, database administrators and computer scientists. 47% growth in the employee recruitment in eight renowned software companies has been observed , which reflects the recruitments of employees in the industry. Many multi national companies and Philippines companies have decided to increase the number of computer professionals in their organizations.


There has been a steep rise in the demand for talented people for accounting jobs in the international arena. It has been estimated that there will be 34% increase in the job openings by the next financial year which shows the need for people for accounting jobs.

With globalization, there has been an increase in the establishments of corporates all over the world. This creates demand for accountants and auditors for various accounting jobs. Philippines professionals have a bright future in the international market as they are in great demand for their professionalism and talent.

Advertising Industry

Philippine is a hub of creativity and this is evident from the fact that more and more people from Philippines advertising industry are being recognized world over and commanding a lot of respect in international advertising community. Visibility is the mantra of success these days and advertising makes sure that your product, service is visible; thus saleable.

Catering / Hospitality Staff

One of the biggest and the most important industries, hospitality industry has many sub sectors which can be termed as industries in their own right. Hotels and restaurants account for largest part of the hospitality industry. Offering high paid jobs, hotels and restaurants jobs are most sought after ones. International recruiters prefer Philippines professionals for hotel and restaurant jobs due to their qualifications and skills.

The career in this industry offer good growth prospects. Hard working people can see their careers rocketing as one can reach the top in a short span of time. A junior executive can climb up to middle management and then on to senior management at a much younger age than before.

Healthcare Staff / Hospitals

A highly paid job, health care jobs are in demand all across the globe. Philippines Professionals make a concerted effort to acquire the knowledge, skills, and traits and so they are preferred in this industry all over the world. Fluency in English and knowledge about computers, give them a edge over others in the industry. It has been observed that developed countries like Germany, U.S. And U.K., K.S.A, U.A.E, Qatar, Bahrain RECRUITER Philippines doctors, surgeons, nurses from Philippines. The recruitments will increase in the coming years. Opportunities Galore Offering growth opportunities and prospects, the Hospital/Healthcare Industry has many career options.

Telecom Industry

Being a huge and growing industry, Telecommunications offers many opportunities in a wide variety of companies that make hardware and software and provide services that enable communication.

Employment growth of 7% every year in the various occupations in the telecommunications industry is expected . Philippines engineers witness a huge demand in the International Telecommunication Industry, as they are considered to be icons of high-tech executives, telecomm technicians, installers, mechanical engineers, telecomm marketers and desk top support people in Telecomm companies all around the world.

Tourism Industry

It has been predicted that travel industry has opportunities galore for professionals. The industry is expected to create 144 million more jobs in the coming years.

An estimated 255 million people worldwide are employed directly or indirectly in travel, tourism and hospitality-related jobs. Whatever ones ultimate career goal is, the continued growth of worldwide travel, for business or leisure, makes career opportunities overseas an exciting reality.

Sales Professionals

The demand for Philippine Sales Personnel has grown globally with the market for Professional Services getting more competitive.

Employment of sales representatives, wholesale and manufacturing, is expected to grow in the coming years, due to continued growth in the variety and number of goods to be sold. To be successful a company need a professional approach to aspects of sales and marketing, from developing relationships with clients to market analysis to campaign planning.

Job prospects for wholesale sales representatives will be better than those for manufacturing sales representatives because manufacturers are expected to continue contracting out sales duties to independent agents rather than using in-house or direct selling personnel.


The Boom in Architectural Sector. With increase in investments in the construction sector, there has been a boom in the architectural sector. It has been observed that the supply of architects has not been in proportion with the demand of architects. It has been projected that in the coming year, the demand of architects all over the globe will be more than a million. The training facilities fail to meet the increasing global demands of architects, thereby, increasing the competition and also offering a bright career prospect.

Automotive Industry

A sound transportation system plays a pivotal role in the country's rapid economic and industrial development. An automotive supplier is to deliver world class innovative products that helps customers grow sales and improve profitability and at the same time make a major contribution to improving the environment.In the technology savvy market place, automotive vehicle and parts manufacturing plus repair represents one of the largest global markets. In this sector, performance and appearance of the automobile are the ultimate measures of consumer acceptance.

At WiseRecruit Corp, we have an international clientèle and worldwide reach. We have established ourselves as a reputed multi-faceted team of highly qualified and experienced consultants, from diverse professional fields and expertise, who understand the rapid changes taking place in the global business environment. We consistently deliver value to our clients, better than any one else, through our recruitment solutions and staffing services that enable efficient hiring of human resources of appropriate capabilities and qualities. Many of our clients in automotive segment represent the cream of this industry. We handle staffing assignments at all levels and in all functional areas to enable our clients recruit the right people. Our Automotive employment division has a proven track record of supplying professional engineering, skilled traders and support personnel, to a range of clients in the automotive industry.

Air Conditioning Industry

Air conditioning, a luxury that is becoming a necessity for commercial as well as domestic use, is a system of controlling temperature, humidity, cleanliness and movement of the air. It has a positive effect on personal performances, health and indoor equipment By the very virtue of its ever refining features and the benefits offered to the consumers, this industry is expanding rapidly and having its presence everywhere. Consequently, air conditioning jobs are located across the world and in some of the most competitive and successful businesses.

Be it a Sales Engineer to promote a product range, a Contracts Engineer to oversee a specific project or a Service Engineer to maintain and repair equipment, we are able to assist you in finding the most suitable candidate for air conditioning jobs & vacancies in your organization. We, at Nawras Manpower Services are the partner of choice in providing customized recruiting solutions. We help businesses leverage the power of technology and our activities to realize their vision of a more proactive, high-impact recruiting process.

Our specialist Air Conditioning division is established to provide a comprehensive and professional recruitment service across the air conditioning as well as commercial and industrial refrigeration markets. Today, we have an established client-base, seeking candidates at all levels and qualifications to fill various challenging and exciting roles.

Power Plant Industry

Power forms one of the core sector of any economy and is the force behind rapid industrialization. It is indispensable to factories, commercial establishments, homes, and even most recreational facilities. Lack of ample power generation and related facilities cause not only inconvenience, but also economic loss due to reduced industrial production.

The industry demands for qualified professionals at various levels with extensive experience and complete understanding of industry requirements. We, at Nawras Manpower Services fill in the need gaps of various organizations by providing high credentialed candidates specialized in various dimensions of the industry.

We have well established relations with all our clients abroad and are aware of all their manpower requirements related to the power sector. The resume is forwarded after a thorough evaluation and after ensuring that the candidate's qualifications and career objectives match with the overall organizational goal and culture.

Agricultural Industry

Farming is a special industry, unlike any other. It delivers food which is essential to our daily lives and part of our rich cultural heritage. It has shaped and colored our unique landscape, and continues to do so.

To be in this field requires a thorough understanding of the industry through an aptitude towards exhaustive research and development. We, at Nawras Manpower Services provide the companies with highly qualified professionals who have the in-depth understanding of the knitty gritty of the industry.

We provide a time efficient and cost effective service to your business by taking away the hassle of advertising and narrowing down the field of resumes to the top candidates. Open positions can cost your company significant money - we work to fill these positions quickly to benefit everyone involved.

Printing And Publishing Industry

Printing is a growth industry. The demand for printed materials is tied to a number of factors having to do with general economic activity. The industry is looking for future minded professionals willing and able to adapt to technical changes.

The printing industry prints products ranging from newspapers, magazines, and books to brochures, labels, newsletters, postcards, memo pads, business order forms, checks, maps, T-shirts, and packaging. The industry also consists of establishments that provide related services to printers, such as embossing, binding, finishing, and prepress services. We, at Nawras Manpower Services, provides candidates to befit all the areas of this industry.

We offer our clients a small firm personalized service that is backed by large firm experience. Our advantageous recruitment solutions of the highest quality help them to find qualified candidates, on time and within budget.

Our consultants are constantly keeping pace with changing technology and applying it to client advantage. We can also provide innovative and flexible placement arrangements to meet your precise needs, and recruit for you on retained assignment or contingency basis.

Operation And Maintenance Personnel

An indispensable part of workforce, operations and maintenance personnel are a vital part of all manufacturing industries, be it pharmaceutical, engineering, power, food, IT, consumer goods, chemical, heavy engineering and so on.

Focusing on QSS (Quality, Service and Satisfaction), we at Nawras Manpower Services cater to all levels of recruitment. Our ranges of services extend to operations and maintenance (O&M) personnel. We identify, assess and forward only select candidates so as to decrease your time of recruitment and add sustainable value to our clients.

Office Administration

A strong base for the routine affairs, a competent office administration staff ensures smooth business operations at all levels. While the top management is busy dealing with more weighty issues and strategies, it is the administration staff that ensures that all the activities are carried in an error free manner. We, at Nawras Manpower Services , are an extremely successful and well established recruitment specialists with dependable experience of placing all levels of support staff across all industries and geographic locations. We are renowned for our quality personal service and offering a realistic as well as selective approach to recruitment.

Our philosophy is to work in partnership with our clients, to create effective, intelligent staffing solutions that help them achieve your organizational goals. We are able to provide a range of candidates, from recently trained graduates to highly experienced candidates with high caliber. Whatever your requirements in secretarial, executive accountant or general office support staff, our team has a ready and effective solution.

Banking And Finance Industry

Banking and finance, one of the industries requiring high intellect, is growing faster than ever before. With the overall industrial and economic development, funds are rapidly changing hands, finding their ways through various banking and finance institutions for a large number of reasons. It is the hub of all the commercial activities and basis of every business. To cater to the demand of this challenging, interesting and vast sector, Nawras Manpower Services has all the necessary infrastructure and expertise. We are a renowned placement agency, placing high-caliber finance & banking professionals, from newly-qualified through to board level, on a permanent and contract basis.

Our financial recruiters are well connected, dynamic and experienced in the industry. They intricately understand the banking and finance marketplace and have successfully fulfilled the vacancies throughout the nation and abroad. We have chosen our office locations in prime cities, offering global opportunities to the corporates as well as the candidates. Our clients consist of major investment banks, corporate commercial banks, investment houses, business groups and rating agencies.